If you’re curious about the story, don’t take us off RSS yet

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This has always been about Riess’s beautiful artwork for me, but if you are interested in seeing the story resolved, stay tuned, I am looking into doing that. I don’t want to elaborate without a commitment, so I’m not going to come back to you without something in hand, probably not for awhile, so just stay subscribed, or barring that set a reminder to check back here in six months, I should at least have news by then. (Yikes that is a run on sentence.)

For my own part, I really loved what we were doing and working with Riess was a dream, but that’s in part because it was very very easy. I just put a bunch of junk on paper, edited it a lot, and then leaned on Riess until he spit out beautiful pages. I was doing 10% of the work and half of that was cheerleading. Honestly I wish we were keeping it up but I am not in a position to complain at all.

Thanks for sticking with us, see you in the future maybe.

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Squid’s been hella busy adapting to some taxing life changes. We haven’t been able to talk as much as we would’ve wanted. But when it came down to it, he gave me everything I needed to keep the comic going. I didn’t.

I don’t need to say much about the state of the comic, you can look at the date of the last update and see what’s up.

I had a sizable chunk of text typed out here trying to explain my experience but it hardly matters now. Long story short, the project was too ambitious for me, and I can only admit the defeat now that happened a long while ago. I’m not the artist OIC needed or that I wanted to be, and I can only apologize to anyone who thought the opposite. For what it’s worth, the feedback we’ve received on the comic has been amazing, and kept me going far longer than I would have otherwise.

Thank you.

[WIP] Graw-tug?

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What is the GROTG?

The Great Races of the Galaxy is just shorthand for “The Supreme Interstellar Senate of the Great Races of the Galaxy.” It’s sort of like the United Nations of pre-hyperspace Earth, but as orders of magnitude increase for scope, so do those for bureaucratic inefficiency and political infighting. Still, the institution manages to keep conflicts from escalating to full alliance-activation by keeping problems in as wide a public forum as possible. This is fortunate because MAD is orders of magnitude greater as well. While conventional wars (as between APA and the Silicon Lords) are fought for prestige and minor territorial rights between well-shielded ships fielding relatively weak weapons, the strategic weapons in reserve are “the good toys.” These include your Stellar Imploders, your Atmospheric Deprivation Weapons, and your Ultracavitating Chronosphere Drivers.

Another similarity to the UN of pre-hyperdrive Earth is the distribution of wealth, power, and influence into a handful of superpowers and their economic allies. There are many relatively dominant empires and federations which either started early or made a big impact as fierce competitors when they got the hyperdrive. There are also innumerable “developing” races which have reserved / allotted fallow territory near their homeworld.

[WIP] So what’s the ITT then

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I hope we made it clear in the first few pages of chapter one that the ITT is a government body. But what are their responsibilities? Well, sure, as you’ve seen, they like to harass pilots by writing citations, but their mandate is more profound than monitoring traffic. Interstellar Trade and Transit is a federal department of the GRotG responsible for the safety and security of non-military spacecraft as well as the hyperspace trajectories they travel, but, as I said in the previous update about FTL, ITT is also responsible for regulating the production, distribution, and use of fuel bricks.

Fuel bricks are produced at “refineries” located within certain star systems where local topology permits the efficient production / retrieval of material native to hyperspace. While the refineries are often privately-owned, this is usually only in the strictest technical sense, because laws governing fuel production mandate exclusive ITT control of all activities related to fuel bricks. This means that refineries may contain, at a maximum, a token cadre of bureaucrats representing the real owners.

While some governments express dissatisfaction with this arrangement, claiming monopoly, the majority in the GRotG are of the opinion that the amount of energy stored by fuel bricks necessitates their careful handling and / or monitoring by a trusted central authority, to prevent criminal or terrorist misuse of the substance that makes interstellar travel feasible.

[WIP] How FTL Works

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–Sorry to break format, this isn’t really WIP for the next page, but I thought I would use this opportunity for a bit of world-building infodump. Lots of handwaving and metaphors. If you don’t care for this sort of thing, fine by us. We have a page in the hopper for next week, though!   –SquidDNA    —

So hyperspace is this weird universe which sometimes intersects our own universe, which is how it was discovered when Zefram Cochrane threw a ball for his dog to fetch and it vanished (the ball AND the dog), or similar.  It does not make sense to us because it possesses dimensions our own does not. Most of the time, hyperspace is accessed by the use of a massive quantity of energy in a very specific way– the fuel bricks.

how FTL works