About the comic

This comic updates once a week on Tuesday, 0:00 GMT. The process is automated using the Webcomic Β theme for WordPress. We played around a lot with some old ideas of Riess’s (and Squid’s) and came up with “Our Intrepid Crew” which we hope will entertain and delight you.

About the creators

[Riess] I think we’re both exploring here the relationship between pictures and words and how both of them together make a story flow
[SquidDNA] pew pew pew

Riess — The Artist! Viennese. Been drawing for most of his life (after the requisite motor skills for holding a pencil came together). A suspicious person, according to Canadian border security. And Canadian bouncers.

SquidDNA — Author. Schemer. Learning a little about art from Riess and more about WordPress and CSS than he would like. A Mississippi native feeling at home in Chicago, he teaches college students about microbiology and cell biology. Recently married and getting back into expanding the script buffer.

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