I’ve taken my damn time

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I’m actually seriously working on a draft of Chapter 3, Scene 1. Assuming you haven’t written us off entirely (again, can’t blame you and thanks for reading) and you still want to read this, in what sized chunks do you want to receive it? A scene should be at least a thousand words (possibly much more, depending.) And that’s something of an artifact of the existing outline– as I go on it won’t really apply anymore but I’ll still limit things to the similarly-sized chunks.

Also a few people mentioned financially supporting this endeavor and I could definitely start up a Patreon for that purpose, but I want to put out the first “block” of text to make sure it’s worthy of your support. So are you in? I would like to try to get this scene done in the next four weeks, but you’ll have it when I think it’s done, that is, possibly much sooner.

See you soon.