Sorry all.

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I was holding out hope that I could convert the script into a novel, and while I came to the decision awhile ago that it would probably never happen I’ve been putting off finalizing it by saying anything about it. Too much of our story was inherently visual, whether it was Riess’s amazing designs or the sight gags. In fairness, part of me suspects I’m just too afraid to attempt the nuts-and-bolts of a narrative with these characters by myself, worried I’ll screw it up, but were I to try to write these scenes I’d be visualizing them as a comic first and then attempting to describe the comic. I can’t help but think it would be a colossal waste of time and destined to fail.

Maybe there are some other stories in this world I can find to tell, if I can also make myself find the time to write them.

In the meantime, imagine Tokkee amazed and enthralled to find an amazing amount of power at his disposal, left with the impression now that Eloree is something closer to a high priestess on board. They execute the jump as the Red-haired senior officer stares dispassionately through triangular windows and pointedly does not force-choke a nearby subordinate, instead turning and walking away. Already several jumps away with a cold trail behind them, Our Intrepid Crew celebrates in the common room, while the camera drifts down the hall and into one of the ship’s many maintenance conduits, which after many turns reveals, resting patiently in a shadow, the helmeted and superfluously behatted space ninja, who spied them on the grav sled and boarded the ship during their exit from the harbor (accounting for Tok’s collision alert.)

WHO IS THIS SPACE NINJA? Find out.. I mean never I guess. Okay I mean I’m not going to type out the entire next eight chapters in summary form here in part because I don’t have script that goes that far anyway, but maybe if there’s interest I can novelize the next chapter at the very least. If ten people would enjoy reading that I’ll give it a try.

If that doesn’t interest you, that’s fine. Thanks for reading as far as you did. We had fun making it.