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[Chapter – Scene – Page] in case anyone’s wondering. If you missed the discussion, we’re going to put these little snippets up on weeks when we don’t have regular updates. In the worst case I guess that puts us at a real update every four weeks because we have four stages of drafts (rough, lined, colored, done.) I’ll only ever have one of these [WIP]s in the comics section, when I’m done with them I’l leave them as posts (below.) If you’re using arr arr ess and don’t want to be bothered with these snippets, I’m leading with the [WIP] tag so you can choose to ignore it. But, I mean,Β come on, look at these beautiful scribbles! How can you not want to see it.
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omg linezs (and a little ranting)

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This is just meant as evidence that the next page is fairly complicated. I think I will do this every week we don’t have a normal update. I kind of hate it when full-color webcomics update with just the lines and then a colored update later– I know it’s meant to satisfy my desire for an update, but the result is that while a complete page is equal to one Yay, and an uncolored page is equal to 1/3 a Yay, a complete page which I have already seen in lined form is equal to 1/5 a Yay. Thus, it does not ultimately satisfy my desire for an update as it dilutes the impact of the finished work (8/15 Yay < 1 Yay).

I feel that just a tidbit, however, as above, lets the reader know that progress is being made without spoiling anything, and so does not weaken the complete page. What are your thoughts?

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[12:09] <SquidDNA> In seriousness, I’ll do some scriptwork today, promise
[12:09] <winder> now it’s updating
[12:11] <@Riess|w> cool cool
[12:11] <Gorb> i can just imagine saying
[12:12] <Gorb> “there’s this cool ominous dude with a hat”
[12:12] <Gorb> “I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING”
[12:16] <SquidDNA> hahah
[12:16] <SquidDNA> The cool ominous dude is actually REDACTED
[12:17] <Gorb> he says
[12:17] <Gorb> writing
[12:17] <Gorb> πŸ˜€
[12:17] <@Riess|w> heh
[12:23] <Linuturk> can you imagine a mother naming their son that
[12:23] <Linuturk> “What do you want to name him?”
[12:23] <Linuturk> “Redacted Smith Jr.”
[12:24] <SquidDNA> You might not know this Gorb but Riess and I have silly amounts of worldbuilding scattered amongst several different projects
[12:24] <Gorb> I can understand that, especially the several different projects bit
[12:24] <SquidDNA> Although I’m not sure anyone would intuit who the space ninja is
[12:25] <Gorb> i’m the same :/
[12:25] <@Riess|w> right over there, in the Cabinet of Past Failures
[12:25] <Gorb> haha
[12:25] <SquidDNA> ahaha
[12:25] <Gorb> past the Mirror of Broken Dreams, etc
[12:25] <SquidDNA> and the carnival of forgotten children
[12:25] <SquidDNA> Sorry Carnival of Forgotten Children
[12:25] <Linuturk> that sounds really creepy
[12:26] <@Riess|w> If you need a refreshment, stop by the Water Cooler of Futile Hopes
[12:26] <Ramrod> I’m too lazy to get up from my seat, the Reclining Chair of Unfulfilled Ambitions


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Just a heads up:

I didn’t quite find the time to catch up; the next page is under construction but likely won’t be ready on time.
I’d rather stick with Monday night for updates than just kick it out at unpredictable times during the week, so look out for an update next week.

Thanks for your continued patience.